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Capital Safety Services focuses on two aspects of our business, consulting and training.  By focusing on those two services, we are able to provide our customers several benefits including injury prevention.

Making sure your employees are safe is our number one priority, and our services are available to prevent injuries while your employees are on the job.  Our audit system can give your business a score on how well they would perform if an OSHA inspector were to show up, and our training can help your employees know the risks and OSHA safety standards before they even work on the job.  We also work with your company’s management to meet OSHA compliance requirements, as well as develop and implement corporate safety programs.

When employee training and safety consulting are matched together, greater safety results are achieved.  If you would like to schedule training, or set up consulting work, please contact us or call 518-427-8405

Safety Consulting

Consulting is one of our main specialties. Maintaining a full-time safety staff is very expensive, especially for a small or developing business. Capital Safety Services provides these companies the ability to develop or manage their own individualized safety programs, all without having to hire a full-time staff. Our consulting services include:

  • Site Safety Assistance
  • OSHA Visit and Citation Assistance
  • Safety Programs/Safety Management System Development
  • Site Safety Audits
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Contractor Pre-Qualification Assistance
  • On-Site Training Programs
  • Safety Management Consulting
  • Risk Management Services
  • Safety Committee Training
  • Site Safety Plans
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures
  • Job Hazard Analysis

Please refer to our Project Profiles for more information on each of our services.

On-Site Safety Services

Site Safety Representative

In an industry where it is very expensive to maintain a full time, company-wide, safety staff, Capital Safety provides construction companies the ability to have a full time or part-time site safety representatives, all at an affordable price.

All of our safety professionals are fully qualified with many years of safety experience.

Safety Training Programs

OSHA, DOT, Workplace Safety & More

Don’t see the course you are looking for here? Contact us, we may be able to help.