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Site Safety Assistance

Capital Safety Provides Full Time Site Safety Representative to Major Global Corporation

Provided full time site safety representative to two environmental remediation contractors on a major river dredging project in Fort Edward, NY. Work involved pre-task planning, weekly meeting involvement, program implementation, leading and lagging indicator analysis, audits, and various other tasks to comply with the General Contractor safety requirements. Site safety oversight allowed the small contractors to effectively and efficiently work as a contractor for one the biggest corporations in the world.

Improved Contractor-to-Subcontractor Relationship through Site Safety Representative

Provided full time site safety representative to major construction company at a US Government building construction site located in Long Island, NY. Work involved site safety oversight, safety audits and participating in General Contractor led safety meetings. Site oversight allowed for seamless relationship between the General Contractor and Sub Contractor.

Site Safety Representatives Provided for Nanotechnology Contractors

Provided full time safety representatives to construction contractors at a major nanotechnology construction site in Malta, NY. Contractors were provided with safety professionals that met the General Contractor’s strict safety professional requirements, and were provided with site safety representative that took the safety burden off the contractor, allowing the contractor to perform the work efficiently and effectively.


OSHA Inspection and Citation Assistance

80% Reduction in OSHA Citation Fines Provided to Threatened Business

Assisted a small industrial welding company who received an OSHA fine that threatened to shut down business. Attended OSHA Informal Conference and helped reach an agreement between OSHA and the company that reduced the fine over 80% of its initial value, and helped complete the abatement actions set in place by OSHA.

Assisted Construction Company Contest OSHA Violations

Assisted major civil construction company in the process of contesting OSHA violations. Attended Informal Conference and helped company prioritize and organize relevant documentation to present a clear and concise case for the violation contest.

ProvidedNegotiationExpertise During OSHA Visit

Attended OSHA visit to major industrial food manufacturer site, and assisted company during inspection. Helped company negotiate with OSHA to create corrective actions to avoid substantial violations. Provided service and reports to company that were presented to OSHA on the site revisit to prove completion of abatement.


Safety Program/Safety Management System Development

Premium Costs Significantly Reduced for Construction Company

Designed and wrote a safety management system for a major civil construction company that was accepted by an elite workers compensation insurance captive, saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars in premium costs. The program was designed to meet company needs as well as the insurer’s requirements.

Developed Corporate Safety Programs

Developed corporate safety programs for General Industry and Construction contractors that cover the 29 CFR 1910 and/or 29 CFR 1926 standard. Programs were developed off of past OSHA Voluntary Protection Program experience and were tailored to each companies specific needs. Programs provided blueprints for companies to reach OSHA SHARP or OSHA VPP programs.

Developed Site Specific Safety Programs

Developed several individual site safety programs (SSP's, HASP's) for private/public contractors in both General Industry and Construction. The types of industries include: commercial/residential roofing, commercial/residential plumbing, tree clearing services and renewable energy contractors to name a few. The programs were accepted by General Contractors and were tailored to meet other needs presented by different sites.


Site Safety Audits

Construction Safety Progress Tracked With Cutting Edge Audit System

Provided local civil construction companies with project safety audits. Cutting edge audit tracking system allowed companies to track project safety progress and gave their management a quantitative measurement of job site safety compliance. Audits were designed to cover 29 CFR 1910 and 29 CFR 1926 standards and gave representative scores of an OSHA audit.

Development of Internal Safety Audit System

Implemented site safety technology audit system internally at a construction company. The safety audit system allowed the company safety manager to track and store EHS related documents as well as complete audits for all projects. System also allowed management to quantitatively measure superintendent safety compliance.

Safety Audits Reinforced Safety Priorities

Provided major general industry client with periodic facility inspections, developed corrective actions and presented in technical report with photos. Reports were used in company’s safety committee meetings to drive home important safety culture and implement corrective actions.


Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Large-Scale Hearing Conservation Study Helped Company Develop Hearing Conservation Program

Conducted a large-scale hearing conservation study at a major industrial food manufacturer. Planned and coordinated representative personal-noise samples distributed over numerous departments and 2 shifts as well as developed a facility-wide representative noise-area map. The project also included drafting a technical report, employee notification letters, training, and a hearing conservation program.

Industrial Hygiene Program Keeps Employees Safer in the Workplace

Assisted civil construction company implement industrial hygiene program. Conducted numerous sampling events testing for airborne lead, respirable silica, and other air contaminants. Each sampling event was concluded with a technical report including information regarding the job tasks being sampled, as well as Certified Safety Professional recommendations involving engineering, substitution, administrative and personal protective equipment controls.

Conducted OSHA Abatement Air Monitoring

Assisted small industrial client comply with OSHA industrial hygiene sampling abatement process. Sampled for volatile organic compounds associated with spray paint, and aluminum associated with aluminum welding. Report was designed to be presented to OSHA and included detailed description of job tasks and implemented controls such as engineering, administrative and PPE.


Contractor Pre-qualification Assistance

Assisted Contractors With Safety Pre-Qualification

Assisted numerous construction and general industry contractors in preparation of the safety portion of contractor pre-qualification. Process has involved developing/transforming safety programs, calculating lagging indicators (EMR, DART, LTIR), assisting in OSHA 300 log completion, and other various safety related indicators.

Assisted Contractor Resubmit Safety Pre-Qualification Data

Helped a major construction company rescind incorrect OSHA 300 log data and re-submitted it to the General Contractor. Process involved meeting with corporation safety director, as well as preparation of technical data and figures showing companies safety performance next to industry averages. OSHA 300 log data initially submitted to corporation was reviewed and it was found that several “non-recordable” cases were logged as recordable in the log.


On-Site Training Programs

Implemented OSHA Required Training

Helped design and implement training programs for construction and industrial clients. Provided company with on-site OSHA specific training to comply with annual training requirements outlined in 29 CFR 1910 and 29 CFR 1926. Training occurred either monthly or every other month and covered applicable topics to the company.


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