Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

CSS conducts Industrial HygieneCapital Safety Services recently provided a local construction client with support services to their industrial hygiene program. The partnership between our client and Capital Safety Services lead to the ongoing monitoring documentation and quantification of the health hazards in the work place. Examples of construction health hazards that are commonly tested include: airborne lead, respirable silica, total dust, heavy metals and respirable dust.
Most construction sites are exposed to these contaminants at one point or another. The only way to know if you are protecting your employees against these hazards is by conducting industrial hygiene monitoring at your company.
Capital Safety concludes each monitoring event with a detailed report identifying the scope, methods, results and conclusions and Certified Industrial Hygenist (CIH) recommendations. These reports can be utilized to implement new or support existing company policies.
Call us today at 518.427.8405 to learn more about industrial hygiene monitoring in your workplace.

First Aid Kits in the Workplace

First Aid, CPR and AED training at Capital Safety servicesIn your busy workplace, First Aid kits may not be the thing on top of your mind. However, OSHA does have some requirements in regards to First Aid kits. While industry specific standards do exist, a basic First Aid kit should be available in all businesses.

The standard First Aid Kit should include:

  •    At least one absorbent compress.
  •    At least 16 adhesive bandages
  •    One roll of adhesive tape
  •    At least ten packs of antiseptic
  •    At least six applications of burn treatments
  •    Two or more pairs of medical exam gloves
  •    At least four sterile pads
  •   One triangular bandage

 You can find the OSHA standard here.

It's a good idea to check your First Aid kit a couple of times a year. You might find a few items missing or expired. Even Band-Aids have expiration dates!

Keeping your First Aid kit not only better prepares you for an emergency, but it also reinforces the message that you care about your employees.

Catch the last First Aid, CPR and AED training of the month on April 25th, 2016. You can register for that class here. Capital Safety Services offers First Aid, CPR & AED training classes taught by American Red Cross certified trainers.

Courses cover the American Red Cross curriculum and can be tailored to specialty trades (construction, general industry, etc.). Upon successful completion of the course, students receive an American Red Cross issued First Aid, CPR, AED card.

Class includes course materials, coffee, and pastries.

Final Silica Rule Crystallizes

Capital Safety Services looks at new OSHA respirable silica rule


On March 25, 2016,OSHA published its long-awaited final ruling on the standards for respirable crystalline silica. There’s mixed reaction to the standard. One thing for sure, in order to comply, businesses will need increased monitoring and medical surveillance. Some say that the expectations are not reasonable while others say it's long overdue.



Here's the highlights of the 1,772 page document:

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Do I Need a Safety Audit?

Capital Safety Services describes Site Safety AuditsSafety audits are an essential part of a successful business. Effective health and safety auditing not only provides the legal framework for compliance, it also lays the foundations for continuous safety improvement to enhance competitive advantage. The main duty of any health and safety auditor is to look at your organization’s safety management systems and assess them in regards to your overall plan.

There are multiple reasons for carrying out a safety audit. Most people would correctly state that it is a legal requirement; however, it is arguably equally important to do so for moral and ethical reasons. It ensures that the systems you have in place are working efficiently and helps to identify areas for improvement and potential weaknesses within the company. Overall, an audit demonstrates that the management are committed to the health and welfare of employees, customers and all other stakeholders.

There are three essential elements needed to evidence a successful audit.

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On-site Site Safety Representative

Whether a large project or small, your construction company has the ability to have a full-time or Capital Safety Services On-site safety servicespart-time site safety representative. At Capital Safety Services, we can help fill that void by deploying a site safety officer to your project. Our third party safety experts bring a level of service and an independent eye for safety concerns to help protect your company from accidents.

We can provide a weekly report of key findings and corrective actions from our site safety auditor. Click the below picture in this post to see an example of a portion of one of or our reports for a large construction project located in New York City. site safety report from Capital Safety ServicesWe will clearly delineate the issue and work with you to see that the corrective action has been completed.

If you would like any information on having a site safety representative to fulfill your construction project, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Top Ten OSHA Violations for 2015

Capital Safety Services list OSHA top ten violations






OSHA’s Top 10 Violations of 2015

The latest data is in … OSHA’s top 10 violations for 2015 indicates a reduction in overall injuries from 2014 of 4.5%. Here are the top ten:

1. Fall Protection (number one for the fifth straight year)
2. Hazard Communications (fourth year at number two)

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at a Hazardous Worksite

The call goes out to don your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at a hazardous worksite and you’ve never drilled for this before. You think back to your online 40-hour course about what to do next.

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Capital Safety Services Unveils It's March Schedule

Capital Safety Services unveils it's March schedule offering a new OSHA 30 hour Construction Outreach Training. This course will benefit all workers and management at a construction office or work site.

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