Four Mindsets that Can Cause Accidents



Safety at the workplace is a never-ending process. We spend countless hours training, improving, practicing and rehearsing to avoid accidents and injuries. Even with all the attention put on safety, there is the chance that events occur. Here are the top four things that with the right attitude, can help you reduce injuries.




1.      Rushing – The constant pressure to get things done is a primary driver in creating injuries. It’s important to remind employees that taking more time to finish the job is more important than rushing to completion.

2.      Fatigue – Worker fatigue causes injuries both on and off the road. A tired driver may be as big a risk as a drunk driver behind the wheel. Heat compounds the issue; fatigue will set in quicker in extreme conditions. Employers should look to adjust schedules and breaks when conditions warrant.

3.      Frustration – Frustration comes in many forms; poor procedures, bad communication, or wrong equipment and materials. Even home life can play a role in an employee’s attitude.

4.      Complacency – Many tasks are mundane or become very efficient in delivering. When this occurs and the mind wanders, injury is lurking around the corner. Simple things like keeping your eye on the task, daydreaming and even talking with your coworkers can lead to injury. If you see boredom in your workforce, it might be time to mix things up a bit.


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