Do I Need a Safety Audit?

Capital Safety Services provides site safety audits in New York

Capital Safety Services describes Site Safety AuditsSafety audits are an essential part of a successful business. Effective health and safety auditing not only provides the legal framework for compliance, it also lays the foundations for continuous safety improvement to enhance competitive advantage. The main duty of any health and safety auditor is to look at your organization’s safety management systems and assess them in regards to your overall plan.

There are multiple reasons for carrying out a safety audit. Most people would correctly state that it is a legal requirement; however, it is arguably equally important to do so for moral and ethical reasons. It ensures that the systems you have in place are working efficiently and helps to identify areas for improvement and potential weaknesses within the company. Overall, an audit demonstrates that the management are committed to the health and welfare of employees, customers and all other stakeholders.

There are three essential elements needed to evidence a successful audit.


  1. You need to have the correct documentation in place; up-to-date Health and Safety policies, process documents, suitable arrangements for harmful substances etc.
  2. Interviews with managers and heads of departments.   Auditors need to speak to these people at suitable times. These interviews ask the vital question “is it in place?”
  3. Evidence. Are the policies and processes being carried out? Here, the auditor will talk to the people on the “shop floor” and find out if the plans are being implemented and followed by the employees.

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